We believe in the right of all to fulfillment, autonomy and happiness


We are a team brimming with talent and passion within the social field; we work helping you to make informed choices, find solutions and get the needed support  while keeping you informed and involved at all the time and fully represented.


The Butterfly Foundation believes in a community where the views, opinions, abilities and expertise of People of Determination are valued and respected, where all people have a voice, are treated equally and supported in a way that enables, empowers and develops the skills needed to reach their full potential.

We believe in the right of all to fulfillment, autonomy and happiness.

Marilena discussing with client that sits in wheelchair
People, kids, people with disabilities holding hands in circle


To commit our energy, our skills and our knowledge to helping UAE society enhance their attitudes towards all people who’s needs are particular and special.

We will invest in advancing our levels of support by finding new and innovative ways to give voice and representation to our clients.

…..and we don’t stop there, as we continue to find new ways to promote inclusion for all.

Marilena Di Coste

Marilena Di Coste

Law Degree and Higher Certificate in Advocacy.

Social Entrepreneur launched National Advocacy services.

Awards from Rockefeller Foundation, Endorsed by UN.